The Five Qualities of an Ideal Services Provider


The trend in bringing some publishing production processes closer to home has led to greater discussion around how these publishers should select a partner in onshore outsourcing. But why are some publishers seeking alternatives to outsourcing to hubs in emerging economies? 

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The Art of Editing: the benefits of onshore outsourcing


Publishing outsourcing has grown from humble beginnings in the 1970s to a multi-billion-dollar industry today. Onshore outsourcing in publishing makes sense, especially for publishers of scholarly, scientific, technological, and medical titles. Getting a US doctor to proofread a medical title can be immensely costly, as doctors in the US earn substantial salaries in dollar terms. Getting a doctor in India to proofread the same title can be much more affordable, as that country’s lower income levels and favourable exchange rate drive down the price of such services.

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Combining Cloud-based Publishing Production and Onshore Project Management


How automation and digital production workflows are increasing efficiencies and reshaping publishing production labour and processes. 

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