What traditional publishers can learn from the rabble-rousers


Amidst the alarmist rumours about the future of print publishing, what lessons could the industry learn from rabble-rousing digital natives? What are some of the ways indie publishers are succeeding in the volatile book market?

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Will the books of the future write themselves?


Some of the world’s most respected inventors, scientists, and technology experts courted controversy when they declared that artificial intelligence could soon replace humans.

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Deanta Launches its Creative Services


At Deanta, we are always looking to improve our services and go deeper into the solutions we offer. With this in mind, we have launched Deanta Creative.

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Meet a Member of the Team - Michelle



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5 Tips to Effectively Implement Metadata


Metadata has a huge impact on the discoverability and sales of titles, and the increasing shift to online bookselling makes any investment in it even more essential. Sometimes, effective metadata is the only marketing tool publishers have.

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