EPUB+WEB: A Convergence in Offline and Online Reading


One of the discussion topics at the IDPF conference at this year’s BEA event pertained to the notion of a format that allows for integrated online and offline reading – a convergence of web and EPUB. In a subsequent whitepaper written by leading experts Marcus Gylling (IDPF CTO) and Ivan Herman (W3C Lead for Digital Publishing), the notion and potential benefits of such a development were discussed. In an interview with EPUBZONE, Gylling described the discussion as “mainly a stake in the ground for a vision many of us share of an optimal future for online and offline digital publishing in which portable documents and Web content are converged into a single technology stack.” The intention is ultimately to take EPUB to the next level, creating the ideal portable document format for modern consumers.

By kylie@deanta | August 4, 2015 | Deanta News Read More