A New Paradigm for Pricing Digital Content


The publishing industry has seen a series of tectonic shifts over recent years, with increased focus on digital content and products. These movements continue to have a significant impact, ensuring a need for the industry to continue to adapt to meet these changes. One of the primary outcomes for publishers has been a move from the very traditional print-based system of publishing toward embracing digital content, eBooks, and the variety of other options that digital opens the door to. The publishing process, therefore, adapts along with it, as digital development is a far more fluid beast, and does not necessarily sit neatly within the phases of production in the same way that print does.

If we then look at the outsourcing of workflow to service providers for the publishing industry, surely that too must experience some disruption. Within this revolution, one of the main areas that could potentially see some shake-up is within pricing models for the provision of services. With this in mind, let’s take a look at current and future models for pricing in the provision of services to the publishing industry, in the name of adapting to and meeting the new and constantly evolving needs of the modern-day publisher. Therefore, we are looking at two different paradigms, the traditional/print method and the one based on digital content.

By kylie@deanta | June 5, 2015 | Deanta News Read More