Is it time to look again at your offshore outsourcing publishing strategy?


When publishers began outsourcing tasks and offshoring jobs to overseas vendors several decades ago, the primary goal was to achieve cost savings through staff reduction. In the intervening time, the vendor market has grown and matured, and now provides a far more wide-reaching array of services back to publishers. But, with technological advancements driving a whole new world of possibilities, are publishers still deriving the best value from these partnerships, or is it time for publishers to revisit their offshore outsourcing strategy?

By Patrick Shafe | September 1, 2021 | Offshore publishing, Outsourcing publishing, publishing industry, publishing partnership, publishing solution Read More

5 Ways the cloud has revolutionised publishing


Digital transformation means so much more than file-sharing, new formats and faster workflows. Here are our top 5 ways in which the cloud has revolutionised publishing. 

By Patrick Shafe | April 19, 2021 | publishing industry, publishing solution, cloud publishing Read More

Understanding not just the what but the why of publishing.


An interview with Janine Burr-Willans, Deanta's Director of Platform Delivery. 

By Patrick Shafe | March 18, 2021 | Publishing, publishing partnership, publishing solution Read More

Data Science & Publishing: a match made in heaven.


In Deanta's 2021 Survey - Trends in Academic Publishing 2021*, more than 50% of academic publishers stated that data science would have a "growing" or "significant" role in their business in the coming year. We talked to Anne Badinier from Deanta's own data science team to find out why.

By Patrick Shafe | March 2, 2021 | data science, data science in publishing, publishing industry Read More

Conversations on COVID with Deanta


Warren buffet once said that it's only when the tide goes out that you learn who has been swimming naked, and the COVID-19 crisis has exposed businesses like nothing else in living memory. Far from being exposed, Deanta’s business thrived during 2020 so, at the end of a year like no other, we invited the senior management team to reflect on how the organisation weathered the storm and the learnings that we might take forward.

By Noel | January 7, 2021 | Insight, Deanta Read More